December 1, 2019

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  • 10:01pm When It Hurts to Remember by Hammock on Silencia (Hammock Music)
  • 10:06pm Me & My Dog by Boygenius on boygenius – EP (Matador)
  • 10:09pm This Time Around by Jessica Pratt on Quiet Signs (City Slang)
  • 10:16pm B&E by Nothing on Guilty of Everything (Relapse Records)
  • 10:21pm Visions In Dust by Barn Owl on Ancestral Star (Thrill Jockey)
  • 10:25pm The Eternal by Joy Division on Closer (Remastered) (WM UK)
  • 10:33pm Love Yourself by Sufjan Stevens on Love Yourself / With My Whole Heart – EP (Asthmatic Kitty)
  • 10:37pm In the Rain by Hirotaka Shirotsubaki on A Seasons Past (Archives)
  • 10:43pm Sleepers by Exploded View on Obey (Sacred Bones Records)
  • 10:49pm Left Speaker Blown by Liars on Mess (Mute)
  • 10:56pm What Year Is This by Giovanni Varrica on Little Girl Down the Lane – A Twin Peaks Tribute (Giovanni Varrica)
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