October 15, 2019

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  • 2:02pm Tutuguri: The Rite of Black Night (feat. Patti Smith) by Soundwalk Collective on The Peyote Dance (feat. Patti Smith) (Bella Union)
  • 2:11pm Dhow Countries by Taj Mahal Meets The Culture Musical Club Of Zanzibar on Putumayo Presents African Blues (Putumayo)
  • 2:19pm Defying Gravity by Emmylou Harris on Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town (Rhino/Warner Records)
  • 2:27pm Forest of Mirrors by The Ascent Of Everest on Is Not Defeated (Hammock Music)
  • 2:35pm New Sheriff in Town by Pas Musique on The Phoenix (Alrealon Musique)
  • 2:47pm Old Man Coyote by Crow Crash Radio on Crow Crash Radio (Crow Crash Radio)
  • 2:52pm Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone by Tom Jones on The Body and Soul of Tom Jones (UMC (Universal Music Catalogue))
  • 2:54pm Hot Type by Michael Hedges on Aerial Boundaries (Windham Hill)
  • 2:56pm Turquoise Flower by Jon Camp on Headwinds & Tailwinds (Jon Camp)
  • 2:58pm Fisherman’s Wharf by Peggy Lee on Blues Cross Country (Blue Note Records)
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