June 5, 2019

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  • 9:00pm Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath on Black Sabbath (Warner Bros.)
  • 9:06pm Splendor Demon Majesty by Candlemass on The Door to Doom (Napalm Records)
  • 9:13pm Nightchild by Electric Wizard on Black Masses (Rise Above Records)
  • 9:21pm Worlds Apart by Pallbearer on Foundations Of Burden (Profound Lore Records)
  • 9:33pm Luciferous Heart by Dead Bird on III: The Forest Within the Tree (20 Buck Spin)
  • 9:40pm Guillotine by Angel Witch on As Above, So Below (Rise Above)
  • 9:47pm Dead On Arrival by Grim Reaper on See You In Hell (RCA)
  • 9:53pm You Always Walk Alone by Helloween on Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II (Noise)
  • 9:58pm Legalize Sin by Toke on TOKE (STB)
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