March 16, 2019

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  • 4:01pm Caution Horse by Volunteer Department on Safe House K (Cave of Doubt Recordings)
  • 4:12pm Stab Me with a Knife by Skull Cult on Vol. 1+2 (678987 Records DK)
  • 4:13pm Reality by Claude on Enactor – EP (Just For You Records)
  • 4:18pm Angry by Nice Try on Convinced – EP (Kingfisher Bluez)
  • 4:19pm Anesthetized by Primer on Novelty (YHS Records)
  • 4:23pm From the Grave by Zilched on From the Grave – Single (Zilched)
  • 4:25pm You’re an Ugly Person by Karen Meat on You’re an Ugly Person (Emotional Response)
  • 4:52pm A Ballad of a Hot Cup of Tea by Mattie Thrasher on We Are Miscommunication and Stardust – EP (Carbon Records Studio)
  • 4:52pm Dew ♥ by PYNKIE on Dew ♥ (Lo-Fi Version) – Single (PYNKIE)
  • 4:56pm Another Girl by Ryan Hadarah on Another Girl – Single (Dream Come True Records)
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