March 9, 2019

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  • 4:00pm Second Skin by The Chameleons on Script of the Bridge (Remastered) (self-released)
  • 4:08pm Bruxist Grin by Pile on Green and Gray (exploding in sound)
  • 4:11pm All You Need by The Undercover Dream Lovers on All You Need – Single (self-released)
  • 4:15pm Bust by Lomelda on M for Empathy (Double Double Whammy)
  • 4:16pm Aosta by Thad Kopec on Aosta – Single (Thad Kopec / Tone Tree Music)
  • 4:22pm UFOF by Big Thief on U.F.O.F. (4AD)
  • 4:27pm Flake by Shady Bug on Lemon Lime (Exploding In Sound Records)
  • 4:32pm Room Temperature by Faye Webster on Atlanta Millionaires Club (self-released)
  • 4:36pm Steam by Red Sea on Sugar & Spice (Truly Bald)
  • 4:40pm want to not wanna by Erik Nervous on LP (self-released)
  • 4:41pm want to not wanna by Erik Nervous on LP (self-released)
  • 4:44pm Been Anybody by Heaven Honey on Been Anybody – Single (1212 Records)
  • 4:50pm The Atavist’s Meridian by Inter Arma on Sulphur English (Relapse Records)
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