January 2, 2019

Celebrating Capricorns… the first half of the show is compromised of 70s-era Capricorn Records releases. Based in Macon, GA for it’s first incarnation, Capricorn was the home of many Southern Rock and Soul artists. 

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  • 11:00pm Cookin’ On the Front Burner by Travis Wammack on Not For Sale (Capricorn Records)
  • 11:03pm From a Buick Six by Alex Taylor on Dinnertime (Capricorn Records)
  • 11:08pm Poor Virginia by Blue Jug on Blue Jug (Capricorn Records)
  • 11:11pm Sweet Mother’s Fun by Bobby Whitlock on Rock Your Sox Off (Capricorn Records)
  • 11:15pm Can’t Get Home For Your Party by Eric Quincy Tate Group on Drinking Man’s Friend (Capricorn Records)
  • 11:18pm “B” Movie by Delbert McClinton on Second Wind (Capricorn Records)
  • 11:23pm Love You Till The Cows Come Home by Billie Joe Shaver on When I Get My Wings (Capricorn Records)
  • 11:27pm Come On To Town Ned by Blue Jug on Blue Jug (Capricorn Records)
  • 11:31pm Jesus Was a Capricorn (Owed to John Prine) by Kris Kristofferson on Jesus Was a Capricorn (Monument)
  • 11:34pm Sixty Minute Man by Clarence Carter on Sixty Minutes with Clarence Carter (Fame)
  • 11:37pm Gettin’ Older, Lookin’ Back by Chip Taylor on This Side Of The Big River (Warner Bros.)
  • 11:41pm Virginia On My Mind by Ronny Robbins on Reach For All You Can Get (Thunder Record Corporation)
  • 11:44pm Nashville Picker by Gene Rucker on Ring Her Bell … And Nashville Picker (Chantel)
  • 11:48pm Big Bad 1200 CC Harley by Bill Billington on Sex, Drugs and Country Music (Nu-Sound Records)
  • 11:53pm Reno Street Incident by Jim Pulte on Out The Window (United Artists)
  • 11:57pm Walkin’ by Dennis The Fox on Mother Trucker (Modern Harmonic)
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