WXNA in the East Nashvillian

On a cool, fall Saturday afternoon recently at Drifter’s BBQ in East Nashville, a mix of music filled the air — hot rhythm & blues, power pop, vintage hillbilly, Japanese rock & roll, punk rock, hip hop and more. I was one of several DJs manning the turntables. All of us are part of a dream that’s been in the works for more than four years — WXNA 101.5 FM, “Low Power, High Voltage Radio.” As we played music that you can’t hear on any commercial radio station in town, supporters of that dream milled about on the patio, proudly clutching T-shirts with the logo of Nashville’s newest, but not-quite-here-yet source of music, cultural, and public affairs programming — a reward for their financial contribution. As a member of the board of directors of WXNA, it’s been an exciting journey for me, and I’m honored and happy that The East Nashvillian asked me to tell the story of a dream for great radio that is only a few months away from becoming reality. read more