Our friend John Davis from all your favorite bands--Superdrag, The Lees of Memory, Epic Ditch, Punchwagon, and The Used-To-Be just to name a few--wants you to experience WXNA.

To that end, he’s offering his original painting entitled “Once I Thought I Was Pitching A Baseball To Jimi Hendrix” as a one-of-a-kind reward. This portrait of Jimi Hendrix was originally created as part of an exhibit celebrating Dock Ellis’ LSD-fueled no-hitter, this portrait is acrylic on board and measures 24”x48”. We like to think it also celebrates WXNA getting our start in Nashville just like Hendrix did back in the 60s.

Turn your favorite artist into a work of art. 

This is another reward offered by our friend John Davis. In addition to being an incredibly talented musician, John is also an incredibly talented visual artist. With your pledge, he’ll create an original painting of your favorite musician from an image of your choosing. The Beatles on Ed Sullivan? Wanda Jackson in her fringed dress? Alex Chilton lighting a cigarette? The choice is yours. Below is a portrait of Brian Wilson that John created on commission to give you and idea of his style.

This one-of-a-kind work of art will be created in acrylic on a 24”x24” gallery-wrapped canvas and will arrive ready to hang.