WXNA DJ Reapplication
Fall 2018

Fill out the following form to apply for a continuation of your show in the new programming period.

NOTE: This form cannot be saved and returned to later; it must be filled out all in one session.


Name *
Address *
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For current shows do you want the name to remain the same or do you wish to change to a new name? For new shows, you are not tied to the name you used on your application to become a trainee. If you’ve changed your mind, enter your new, brilliant name!
Would you prefer to stay in your existing time slot, if possible, or would you prefer a different time slot (if possible)? If the latter, give preferred times and days. Also, indicate if you prefer a one hour or two hour show.
For new shows and current shows, the more availability you have, the more likely we can fit you into the schedule (should preferred time slot not be an option). For current shows, if you absolutely do not want/can’t move, say so, it’s okay.
Would you prefer the same or a new format for your show? If new, describe. For trainees applying for their first show you are not necessarily tied to the format you described months ago. Tell us what you want to do now.
1. What work have you done for the station in the past six months beyond doing your show each week? 2. Is there anything that you would like to see changed or some new feature or service at the station, and what skills or abilities do you have to help get it done? 3. What would you like (or would have liked) more training on?